Bullet In The Ear (Trump Remix)

by Bret Levick

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I'm sick and tired of greedy rich white men manipulating us and our economy in order to steer us towards oligarchy. I mean how much power and stuff does one person need before they're content?
I'm disgusted with climate change deniers - it's science, asshole! Do you want your kids and grandkids to be able to walk around without a hazmat suit and breathe air?
I'm ashamed to live in a country filled with so much hate and intolerance! It took electing a black president to bring all the racist, fascistic, xenophobic creeps out of the woodwork in numbers that are alarming and make my head explode.
I hate that everything has become privatized and unregulated! Why are living comfortably and sending a kid to college mutually exclusive?
I don't want 51% of my tax dollars to go to the military industrial complex. We have more than enough killing machines, it's time to take care of our people!
Lastly, Trump supporters, Donald J. Trump wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire! Trump cares about Trump not you or the country. Nobody's great at everything just because they say they are.
So I wrote a song about it and it goes something like this...


We're beholden to our captors and our soul is in the bargain bin
They've watered down our spirit, it evaporates like bathtub gin
And the angels they ain't coming cause they can't stand to see us this way
I'd take a bullet in the ear not to hear what the bad men say

Their voices shine like rhinestones and blind us to sleep at night
They've bought us and they've sold us ten times over before first morning light
So we're left with our regrets and our prescriptions to get us through the day
And I'd take a bullet in the ear not to hear what the bad men say

Beware the hand that feeds you 'cause the other hand is waiting in the wings
To fleece you and police you and despise you while you kiss their rings
But there'll be no revolution 'cause our apathy grows faster than our rage
So I'd take a bullet in the ear not to hear what the bad men say


released May 29, 2016
Bret Levick: Vocals, guitars, production, mixing
Jeff Pevar: slide guitar
Matthew Kriemelman: Drums
Don Harriss: Organ
Nick kirby: recording engineer
Special thanks to Chris Johnson and Silvia Massy (Foundation Soundstage) for the use of their room and Neve board for tracking.



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Bret Levick Ashland, Oregon

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